Nua Nua Meow | 软软喵

This project has concluded. Items listed are no longer for sale.  

像喵星人過著Nua Nua的日子,沒有煩惱!就只煩吃喝玩樂!

Ever envied the leisurely lives of our feline familiars? Our kitty cat companions lead carefree days in the comforts of our homes while they lounge around like royalty with us as their loyal courtiers, heeding their every whim and fancy. Don’t you wish to trade places with these pampered pets? If so, Nua Nua Meows are kitty inspired ideals that you could aspire towards. Which Nua Nua Meow would you pick?

Nua Nua Meow | 软软喵 is a unique collaboration between Tenten Tenpo | テンテン店舗 Mushroom Mountain | 蘑菇山山的村長